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To work globally for all the aspects of environmental, economic, social, and cultural sustainability including land resources, water resources, energy, agriculture, marine resources, ecology, environmental protection, disasters, health risks, education, social welfare, human relations, labor, social policy, corporate responsibility, governance, town and country development, urban planning, transportation, products and services, economic development, technological development, and international cooperation.


To To provide sustainable and self-sustaining development framework, opportunities and strategies for future development and safety.


  • To promote, encourage knowledge, understanding and making efforts towards meeting challenges of changing Health, Environment & Sustainability requirements.
  • To empower MSME’s to achieve organizational and business excellence, share expertise and provide innovative solution for major problems affecting their business.
  • To identify and explore new areas for co-operation, partnerships and collaborations for technology transfer and uptake of new technologies to keep up with the latest developments.
  • To constitute any sub office, branch office, centers, extension, units, centers in India and abroad to utilize talent to pursue and implement programs undertaken by the Society for the furtherance of the objectives of the organization.
  • Undertake any projects relating to research, planning, forecasting and evaluation work concerned in the field of health, environment, safety & sustainability.
  • To promote and provide platform for networking, trainings, workshops, meetings, seminars, conferences, brainstorming, exhibitions and other programs at National and International level in India and abroad.

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